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Pizza Hut Warszawa Marki

Piłsudskiego 1
05-270 Marki
Open (till 20:00)

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Full opening hours
An excellent choice! You've come to the Pizza Hut Warszawa Marki restaurant with a stone oven, where we bake our famous pizza on a hand-made, thin, crunchy dough. Check out the menu of your Pizza Hut restaurant and think about whether you want to have a caprese pizza with mozzarella cheese, rucola, cherry tomatoes, basil, balsamic cream and tomato sauce, or perhaps a prosciutto and rucola with a matured ham, Grana Padano cheese , mozzarella cheese, cherry tomatoes, rocket and tomato sauce. When you make a decision ÔÇô feel free to talk to us. Pizza Hut Warszawa Marki is a restaurant located in the M1 Shopping Center at Pi┼ésudskiego Street in Marki. In addition to delicious food, for our youngest we have prepared a play area and coloring books.