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Pizza Hut Jelenia G贸ra

1-go Maja 5
58-500 Jelenia G贸ra
Open (till 20:00)

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Full opening hours
Pizza Hut Jelenia G贸ra you chose - provides full waiter service. Our restaurant is located in the center of Jelenia G贸ra in an eighteenth-century tenement house, which is decorated with a historical sundial. The restaurant is surrounded by a multitude of fascinating and charming tenements, churches and other historic buildings, which makes the views from our patio not repeatable. The interior also delights with its uniqueness. Beautiful decorated ceilings and unusual, intimate lodges and our welcoming make the atmosphere here amazing. Sit back and prepare your loyalty card for the MyPizzaHut program. Our waiters will be happy to tell you about the Pizza Hut menu and the MyPizzaHut program. If there鈥檚 a need to help you they will advise you what to choose. Take a look! Our pizzas, pastas, soups, snacks and desserts are waiting for you. If you have not already done it - join the MyPizzaHut program now, collect points and exchange them for delicious prizes.