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Pizza Hut Poznań Nowe Piątkowo

Kurpińskiego 1/L1
60-681 Poznań
Open (till 20:00)

Available in restaurant:

Full opening hours
Lazy afternoon, visiting friends, an important sports match or captivating movie ... we know all these scenarios perfectly. We also know that in such moments it also usually appears an irresistible temptation to feel the taste of a hot, crispy pizza. That's correct, right? That's why we launched Pizza Hut Delivery, a pizza with delivery to your address, available in many cities throughout Poland – Poznań is one of them. If you feel hungry, do not hesitate, order online at Pizza Hut or through the mobile app , and within 30 minutes your driver knocks at your door and will give you a delicious pizza, full of fresh, natural ingredients. You can place an order at or through the application. Check the Pizza Hut Delivery Poznań Nowe Piątkowo menu with delivery and choose what you feel like most.