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Pizza Festival in Pizza Hut

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Pizza Hut promos - Pizza Festival

How does the Pizza Festival work?

Pay once and eat as much as you want!

  1. Visit one of our restaurants.
  2. Order a festival at a table or at a cash register.
  3. Choose your favourite flavors or discover new ones!
  4. Take advantage of the promotion and eat as much as you can!

PLN 45,99


PLN 53,99

Pizza Hut promos - Pizza Festival

Additional promotions

Pizza festival with a refill!

Quench your thirst with endlessly refillable drink - at a special price!

Choice of: homemade iced tea, Lemonade, Pepsi Max, 7Up, Mirinda*


PLN 51,99


PLN 59,99

Set of sauces for the pizza festival

Choose what you like:

tomato with herbs, BBQ, garlic, tomato with tabasco, mustard and mayonnaise and honey and mustard*


PLN 5,99


PLN 7,99

*Offer may differ depending on the selected restaurant

Pizza Hut - Our pizzas

Discover new flavors

Crispy Falafeta

A delicious combination is waiting for you! Try the pizza with crispy falafel and feta. So what, you come in?


A classic with an unexpected twist? We got it! Try the pepperoni and honey pizza. So what, you come in?

Aloha Cinnamon

Discover the harmony of flavors in pizza with pineapple, honey and cinnamon. You must try this combination!

What is the Pizza Festival?

The Pizza Hut Pizza Festival is an event during which you have the opportunity to take part in the festival fun and get to know the taste of each pizza from the Pizza Hut offer. Pizza Festival 2024 is the 18th edition of our event. Visit one of our restaurant with the waiter service and enjoy unlimited pizza - you can eat as much as you want. To take part in the Pizza Festival, just choose one of the options: unlimited pizza or unlimited pizza with an unlimited refill. In this year's edition of the Pizza Festival you can try all the flavors from the Pizza Hut menu! Including new products: Crispy Falafeta, Peppehoney and Aloha Cinnamon. Try all available flavors and eat as much as you want!

How long is the Pizza Festival 2023?

When is the Pizza Hut Festival 2024 held? It lasts from January, and you have time until February 26 to take part in the festival fun. During these two months you will have the opportunity to try all the flavors of pizza, which means that our offer during the Pizza Festival includes over 20 unique compositions. Celebrate with us and visit any restaurant with waiter service on 03.01-26.02 and take advantage of the Pizza Festival 2024 promotion!