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1. I entered incorrect data during the registration. How can I change it?
2. I entered an incorrect e-mail address during the registration.
3. My delivery order is incomplete. Where can I report it?
4. The delivery of my order is late. How can I check it’s status?
5. Where can I see the history of my orders?
6. I would like to cancel my takeaway / delivery order.
7. Can I pay by card for delivery order?
8. Does the code for a small pizza, awarded for completing a survey, apply in a delivery order?
9. Where can I check the delivery area?
10. Can I make table reservations?
11. Where can I find a phone number to a restaurant?
12. Where can I find information about nutrition facts?
13. Is gluten-free pastry available in your offer?
14. Is vegan cheese available in your offer?
15. Do you have gluten-free menu?